Nature's Walk CAL...

24th September - 12th November 2019

Inspired by my surroundings as I take my daily walks with my dog Bertie, this blanket is a beautiful and relaxing make designed to be soothing and fun. 

Follow along with us to enjoy each new design and create your own blanket in manageable steps.



Out Now
Nature's Walk Introduction
Getting Ready & Swatching
Part 1- Gates
Part 2 - Berries
Part 3 - Buds
Part 4 - Leaves
Part 5 - North Star
Part 6 - Flower
Part 7 - Joining
Part 8 - Border

All parts now available!


Are available free with all Nature's Walk Yarn Packs.
(See 'Colour Packs' below)

Exclusive yarn pack patterns will be delivered directly to you by email via Black Sheep Wool.
(You will also need to download a copy of each week's free pattern part.)

Coming Soon...

Bonus Squares (Patterns only) will be released on sale in the New Year.



Tutorial Videos - Getting Started with Charts Part 1 | Part 2



Available in three beautiful yarn packs, the palette for each one taken from the natural elements around me as I stroll along in the countryside.

6 Exclusive Bonus Square Designs available FREE with every yarn pack*




~ Yarn Pack Update ~
Thank you for such a wonderful reception to this blanket!
We've actually caused shortages of some colours of the Stonewashed yarn and have now had to pick some substitutes for our Wild Hedgerow and Open Fields packs.
Please see links above for details of the changes. 



Blanket Size
117 x 148 cm (46 x 58”)

Free Pattern Includes
Full and clearly written pattern directions 
Stitch abbreviations 
6 Unique square motifs to create 
Crochet charts for each of the 6 squares 
Photo tutorials for some techniques 
Links to helpful tutorials 
Link to a ‘Getting Started with charts’ video

* Yarn Pack Pattern Exclusive *
6 bonus square motifs to add to the original Nature’s Walk blanket 
Crochet charts for each of the 6 bonus squares
Layout guide for the 12 square designs


This pattern mostly uses basic stitches worked in the round. Some intermediate stitches and techniques introduced during the pattern, helpful links, photos and some tutorials are included. 

 Skills Needed
To be able to follow a written pattern using UK crochet abbreviations.
Working in the round.
Basic stitches (eg: dc, tr, tr, dtr).
It would also be helpful to know how to work decreases (eg: tr2tog, tr3tog).


This is a written pattern, using UK crochet terms.
Crochet charts using crochet symbols are provided for the square patterns. 
US terms are given to help with translation. 



There are lots of ways to join in the fun and meet other makers during the CAL, 
just choose the one that suits you best...

Instagram - #natureswalkcal



Whilst every effort has been made to ensure this pattern is error free, mistakes can slip through.  Any corrections will be listed here, so please do check back if you are having a problem with the pattern.

Part 4 - Leaves

15th Oct @ 12.14pm
1. The pdf 'tips' mention that a dtr stitch is used in this pattern, but that's a mistake.
There is no dtr stitches in the Leaves square. PDF Updated

2. The photo in the pdf was incorrect.  This has now been replaced with the correct photo. 
PDF updated.

7th Nov @ 9.00am
3.  On Round 2 of the written directions, there is an extra '1ch' before the final slip stitch.  This is not needed and should say: 
"3 times ending the last repeat at **, sl st into 3rd ch of beg 4ch."

Part 7 Bonus - Blossom

13 Nov @4pm

1.  On Round 7 of the written pattern, there is an extra bracket that is not needed.  It should read:
"skip 2, 1tr in next ch, (2ch, skip 1ch and 1tr) twice, 2tr**"

Part 6 Bonus - Clover

29th Oct @11:00am
1.  On Round 5 of the chart, there is an extra stitch just before the slip stitch at the end of the round.  This has now been removed.  PDF Updated. (See Nature's Walk - Part 6 Bonus v1)

2. On Round 8 of the written directions, the final instruction should say:
"sl st into 3rd chain of beg 3ch." 

Part 8 - Border

14th Nov @9:19am
1.  On Round 1, there is a missing treble at the end of the round and should say:
"…repeat from * to beg of round, 1tr into starting sp, sl st into 3rd ch of beg 4ch.”
PDF Updated.

I've also updated the pdf to include some clear photos of the border.
(See Nature's Walk - Part 8 v1)

If you have spotted an error which is not listed here, please do contact me.


*Bonus Squares
These are exclusive to the Nature's Walk CAL yarn packs for the duration of the CAL.
After the exclusivity ends, the squares will be released on general sale, probably in the New Year.