Vintage Sampler Blanket

A crochet stitch sampler…
 Since people have been stitching, the sampler has been a way to catalogue and show a collection of possibilities, made by needle, knitting pins or in this case, crochet hook. This blanket uses an elegant join to display your choice of blanket motifs off to their full advantage

Pattern Description
This is not a full pattern, it is a guide to making a blanket using a range of ‘sampler’ blocks.
Included: Details of the block patterns used, the colours and layout details of the original blanket, together with written directions for the joining and new border.
Not included: Square block patterns. (I used Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks.)

Skill Level
Basic and intermediate stitches used and photo tutorials are linked. However, some time is needed to decide on stitch placement. Experience of Join As You Go may be useful.



Vintage Sampler Blanket
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